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    Things to Do on Mother’s Day


    Looking for ways to spend some quality time with your mom for Mother’s Day? Treat her with some of these great ideas!


    1. Go on a road trip
    2. Take a winery tour
    3. Go shopping
    4. Garden
    5. Go on a hike
    6. Cook together
    7. Have a pool party
    8. Get a massage
    9. Go on a bike ride
    10. Go out for brunch
    11. Go see a movie
    12. Get a mani/pedi
    13. Have a spa day
    14. Go on a picnic
    15. Have a game night
    16. Get a family photo done
    17. Take her to a wine and design class
    18. Go to the theatre
    19. Watch old home videos
    20. Go to the park
    21. Visit a museum
    22. Get a makeover
    23. Go to a concert
    24. Go to a sporting event
    25. Spend the day at an amusement park or fair
    26. Take a class together
    27. Make a scrapbook



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