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    Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Now that you’ve finished your Christmas shopping, its time to wrap those presents! A Beautifully wrapped gift adds so much to the gift giving experience. Whether you want minimalist or over the top, here are some creative ways to wrap your gifts.


    Natural Elements

    You can use greenery, berries, pine cones and other natural elements as bows and they add a lovely smell.



    Mix & Match

    They don’t all need to match. Mix colors and prints with a similar color palette, adding texture with ribbon and greenery.


    Candy Bows

    Add an extra gift to your wrapping and make it fun for kids by making a box out of candy!


    Ornaments as Tags

    Forgo a traditional tag and attach an ornament, handmade or chosen personally for each person.


    Woven Ribbon

    Who needs a bow when your ribbon looks this pretty?!


    Delicate Texture

    Add lace, fabrics and tulle in coordinating color palettes to create soft variation and glam.


    Photo Tags

    Label you gifts with photos instead of tags, scrapbook style.


    Drawn Pattern

    Get a solid roll of paper and draw your own print with paint or paint pens.


    Stamped Print

    Make your own print with a DIY stamp.


    Star Garland

    Create Your own string garland and simply wrap around a plain gift.


    Painted Paper

    Just dip your brush in paint and splatter, dash or dab craft paper to create your own abstract patterns.

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